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Project Members

TNC is the result of a 3-year project funded by TUBITAK (108K-242) from March 2008 to June 2011. Below are the members of the Project.

Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Yeşim Aksan (Mersin University)


Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aksan (Mersin University)

Assc. Prof. Ahmet Koltuksuz (İzmir Institute Of Technology)

Project Counselor

Prof. Dr. Şükriye Ruhi (METU)


Res. Asst. Umut Demirhan (Mersin University)

Res. Asst. Seda Öz (Mersin University)

Res. Asst. Gülsüm Atasoy (Mersin University)

Res. Asst. İpek Yıldız (Mersin University)

Lecturer Ümit Mersinli (Mersin University)

Lecturer Özlem Kurtoğlu (Mersin University)

Lecturer Bengü Sever (Mersin University)

Tech. Asst. Taner Sezer (Mersin University)

İsa Kabakcıoğlu (Mersin University)